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Teaching: Studying with Dr. Paul Keddy


Video Lectures in Ecology

Library for Plant Ecology

Canon for Plant Ecology

Readings for Ecology: Introductory Sources

A Guide to Wetland Ecology

The Art of Mediocrity

The Ottawa Valley: Lanark County as a micrcosm

Ottawa Valley Readings

Louisiana Readings 

Plants, Atmosphere and Climate



Chronic illness keeps me out of the classroom. So, to study plant ecology with me requires more than attending my classes. The best way is to read my books!  This way you can meet with me at times of your own choosing, sit in a comfortable chair, and take in the material at your own speed.  Best of all -- no exams! You don't like writing them, and I don't like grading them, so this is the best of both worlds.

More advanced students may want to also consult my other writing about ecology.You can download most of them as pdf files.

In addition, I am expanding this teaching section of my web site. Consider it a work in progress, and a supplement to my books.

There are two main sections.

(1) A series of online lectures, ranging from 15 minutes to an hour.  These were all filmed in front of live audiences, and sometimes include question and answer sessions at the end.

(2) A collection of web pages.  (The clickable list is on the left). 

  • Two essays that suggest books and readings for the beginning plant ecologist.
  • An guide to introductory readings for ecology as a whole.
  • An guide to wetland ecology
  • A guide to mediocrity.
  • Reading guides for two ecological regions.  If your region is not on this list, you will need to make one up for yourself. It will take time, but it is very rewarding to understand the landscape in which you live.
  • A lesson (or two) about plants and climate.  There is a lot of superficial material about climate change on line.  Here are the scientific foundations, with particular emphasis upon plants. 

And, of course, if questions remain after you have made a reasonable effort, send me an email.