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Wetland Ecology: Principles and Conservation

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Reprinted with corrections in 2002 

"Every wetland ecologist must read this superb volume." Mark Brinson

"The closing chapter on wetland conservation is the best treatment yet available and should be required reading for all students of wetland ecology." Mark Bertness

‘… an excellent reference … this is a classical ecology text dedicated to wetlands, and it is written in a familiar, conversational manner. The text is clear and easy to follow with relatively little jargon, which allows the information to be accessible to non-ecologists, as well as the general public.’ Paul D. Brooks

"The book's readability is smooth with lucid presentations of all topics, avoidance of unnecessary jargon, and the effiecient use of uncomplicated figures and tables to empahsize major points.  I found it enjoyable to read and easy to comprehend."  Donald H. Les

Review by Mark Brinson

Review by Don Les

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Six kinds of wetlands (pages 17-24, low res pdf)

Three causal factors (figure 1.5)    

A basic framework for wetland ecology (figure 12.26)

Sediment transport in rivers (figure 9.3)

Amazonian fish diversity (figure 3.4)

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