The Maberly Bog

The Maberly Bog is a large peat bog on the west side of Lanark County in Tay Valley Township. Peat bogs have many important values. The peat itself is important for carbon storage, thereby reducing atmospheric carbon dioxide. The peat also stores water, reducing flood peaks in watersheds downstream, and releasing the water slowly during the summer. Peatlands in southern Ontario often have many kinds of rare plants and animals as well. The areas of open water are probably important for migrating waterfowl. Since biologists have not properly explored this site, we do not have a full documentation of its biological characteristics. That is to say, it falls into the category of ‘unevaluated wetland’. Currently, we have only a brief description of the wetland, completed by David White back in 1993, documenting it as an Area of Natural and Scientific Interest. It is now time for a proper biological inventory of the property by professional biologists. Meanwhile, owing to its size, and the rarity of peatlands in Lanark County, this property is a Green Gem.

Aerial photograph showing boundary of wetland

Aerial photograph showing property boundaries