Louisiana Ecology

Some Introductory Readings

Often Louisiana is treated as if it is nothing more than coastal wetlands.  This list of readings includes some important articles on coastal wetlands, but also includes articles on savannas and deciduous forests. I consider these to be the minimum list of papers which all students of ecology in Louisiana should have read.  I have tended to select books and papers that broadly review selected topics to provide a context for more focused reading.  There are of course, many other worthy articles, and no one should feel bad if their particular contribution is not on this list.

Let us be clear about the importance of having students know about their home landscape.  I have done a list like this for students in the Ottawa Valley, Canada.  Here is what I told them: “Be warned … that if I someday hear a student in Ottawa complain in a bar or taxi that one cannot find work with a biology degree, I shall feel free to inquire about his/her mastery of the contents of these papers”.

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