A General Framework for Wetland Science and Restoration

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In this 45-minute talk, Dr. Paul Keddy reviews the small set of causal factors that create wetlands, and discusses their importance in both science and conservation. The talk was recorded in Denver, in 2018, where Paul gave the opening address to the annual meeting of the Society of Wetland Scientists. It was kept particularly short to allow Governor John Hickenlooper some time to speak as well. This talk is notable, therefore, for how little time it takes to cover the fundamentals of wetland ecology.

At the very end Paul explores how other causal factors, such as salinity and road networks, can be nested within this general framework. A short question and answer period follows.

A General Framework for Wetland Science and Restoration from Dr. Paul Keddy on Vimeo.

If you would like a slightly longer version, with slightly more technical content, you can also go to this page to view a professional webinar Paul gave on this topic in 2017.

Both videos can be treated as a short and personal introduction to his book, Wetland Ecology, which provides much more information about these basic principles. If you want to know explore the science behind these principles, and see more examples, this book is the place to turn.